Stripping and Cleaning

Materials and Tools Used

  • Vacuum
  • Bucket
  • Cloths
  • Carpet Cutter
  • Scrubbing Brush
  • Screw Driver
  • Wrench

We had to start somewhere! The previous owner had 2 adorable but hairy dogs, who’s locks reached every nook and cranny imaginable. My allergies aside, to live in the van for such a long period of time necessitates an easily cleanable surface. We will be sleeping, cooking and living in the van day in and day out. Carpet did not cooperate with our plans; it had to go. We needed to strip the whole thing, rid it of all its carpet and with it the dog hair.

Once the carpet was out, we took out the cupboards on the floor surface to evaluate what we were working with. Under the carpet was a layer of insulation plastic and a top layer of foam. We would be leaving it in place. We vacuumed on top of the foam, the walls and ceilings, making sure we collected as much of the dog hair and dirt along the way.

We removed the two passenger seats and the back bench seat. The back bench seat doubles as our bed, ergo will be returned to the van at a later point. The two passenger seats were located where our living space will be, they will not be returned to the van. This process took one day.