Tips & Tricks For Travelling On A Budget

How to fly on a budget

Flying from destination to destination is by far the easiest way to get around the world, but can be the most costly part of your trip. Below are a few handy hints to make sure you can save some of those hard earned coins for what you really want to do on your trip – have an adventure!

1 – Be flexible with your travel dates

Just a few days before or after your pre-thought day could save you up to $100 on an airline ticket. If you have the flexibility, have a look at the best prices of the week and you might be lucky to save a few bucks by leaving a little earlier or later than first thought.

2 – Explore the most affordable airports.

Many of the major cities have more than one airport. Research, have a look, compare the prices of each. Flying into Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris is by far the more convenient one, with direct access to train, metro and buses and a short ride into the heart of the city. But Orly airport has significantly cheaper airfares, however is an approximately 45 minute drive into the city. Again if you have the time, utilise the cheaper airport and spend the drive in planning your next adventure in this magical city.

3 – Sign up to alerts and receive notification if the flight you’re looking at drops in price.

There are many sites and apps (as listed below) that have handy alerts that let you know when the flight you are looking for is at its cheapest. Even if you have a place you want to visit at some point but no idea when exactly, set an alert and get notifications when it might be the best (and cheapest) time to go. Hello impromptu trip!

4 – Subscribe to airline deals and flight savings newsletters.

Many of the same sites and apps mentioned also bring out deals and flight savings newsletters. These are handy if you are waiting for a deal on flights, or not in a rush to go anywhere. They are definitely the place to go if you are still in the planning stages and are researching the cheapest time to go to your desired holiday destination.

5 – Pack light.

This one can save your hundreds of dollars! If you can, pack all of your travelling attire into a carry on size bag. Yes, it may seem like a stretch but if you can, you go from spending $200 to $75. Make sure you weigh and measure it prior to going to the airport, as they will show no mercy if it goes outside the bounds of carry on. Wear all of your bulky clothing and boots on the flight and strip off once in your seat. A jumper can quickly turn into a pillow and allows you to fit more into your backpack.

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