Great Debate: Backpack VS Suitcase


One of the biggest debates in the travelling community is; backpack or suitcase. Although my mind is made up on which one I prefer (they don’t call us backpackers for no reason), there are pros and cons to both. Many aspects impact on what choice you make such as; how long you’re travelling for, what type of travelling you are planning, what size, weight, quality or strength you want your bag to posses. And let’s be honest, whether you have the physicality to lift or pull a bag can play a huge role in this decision making process. But what better way to make your decision than writing a good old’ pros and cons list.


  • Good for walking longer distances
  • Easier to carry and lift (up stairs, hills, in public transport, streets, etc.)
  • Most backpacks come with a detachable day bag (two for the price of one)
  • Can be physically demanding, especially on the back
  • Can become difficult to carry if too heavy
  • Can be difficult to find things in a hurry
  • Can be difficult to lock and secure items


  • The ability to fit more in
  • Easier access to find items
  • Easier to lock (hard cases can prove difficult to break into)
  • Easier to organise due to shape and layout of bag
  • Wheels attached to pull as apposed to carrying
  • Can be heavier and harder to carry (up stairs, hills, in public transport, streets, etc.)
  • Risk of over packing to fill the space
There are obviously major pros and cons to both, and you will ultimately pick one that suits your style of travel but there are a few things we have learnt along the way. Suitcases are good for planned travel where you don’t have to transport and carry your bags further than onto the plane and into a taxi to the hotel or resort. They are good if you are staying in one place and don’t have to be carried around for long periods of time, from place to place, or one public bus to another. There is nothing more difficult than pulling a bag through a busy train station! Backpacks are great for your transient travels, who just need to throw their life on their back and walk until they find their hostel in the backstreets of some spectacular city. And to combat the obvious issue of dysfunctional packing, there are these great things called bag separators. Don’t go just shoving your possessions in with your dirty clothes and electronics and anything else you've decided to lug on your back, put them in separate little bags and keep it well organised. Organised chaos if you want to call it. Just make sure you spend the money and get whichever bag suits you. Just make sure its a good quality purchase as this decision can make or break your trip, so buy wisely, buy well.

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