Seize The Day

I have fear. That crippling, punching the wind out of your stomach, cuddling your pillow in a cold sweat sort of fear. That fear that you try to shake but that stalks you like a shadow; with every step it skulks, waiting for the perfect time to envelope you in it’s cloak of anxiety.

What fear could possibly rattle me this much; shake my feet that I believed to be so firmly on a path of my own making. Do you know this fear? Is it in you? That fear that you are doing what you are supposed to; stuck on the conveyor belt of normality. With a rumble it starts, you get a job. With a slight vibration, you feel yourself moving, you get yourself your first pay check. Oh this feels good, you’re moving along nicely, a steady speed, you get up, you go to work, you come home, you go to sleep. You keep moving, the money keeps coming in, you feel safe, centred. It sounds good doesn’t it? And oh it is, that feeling of assurance, of stability.

But my heart aches for adventure. To throw myself into life and travel. To swim with whale sharks, to scale cliff sides. To get lost on the pavements of cities or the rubble of temples. To dance with the kids in clubs or the gypsies on the streets. To drive with my world partner, and fall in love with each other and the countries simultaneously. And if not now, when? Why wait? We have all heard the warnings of our elders, to make the most of your youth and to have no regrets by the time we are their age. Seize the day, we’ve heard it all before. It’s tattooed on half of those my age, yet are we actually doing it? But now is the time to challenge yourself, question and learn.

Switch off, step up, and seek the goodness palpable in the world. Take that step, leap, jump, whatever you need to do to ignite the fire in your heart that has been dampened by conforming to the expectations of society. Surround yourself with those who will add to the embers, to spark the curiosity and imagination deep within your soul. Challenge and cherish your mind and nurture your spirit. Follow the want and need for more. More.. More life. More love. More everything. Now is the time to live. Do not fear the unknown, embrace it with the heartiest of enthusiasm. For you only have one wild and wonderful life.


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