Materials and Tools Used

  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Tape Measure
  • Paper
  • Pencil

It was now time to return the floor cupboards and back bench seat into the van. Once in and secured, we placed the seat into the bed position and measured the remaining space where the kitchen would be built. 

The key to building the kitchen are measurements! With these numbers, we were able to draw a picture of how we wanted the kitchen to look like and write a list with necessary features. We wanted a bench top to allow room to place our two burner camping stove on top and room for either a sink or bucket to do our washing up. We also wanted a fridge, cupboard space to store kitchen accessories, and a place to put our water supply. With these ideas and measurements, we returned to Home Depot, where we found a kitchen cabinet that fit our measurements. We purchased one, with the intention to see if it fit where we had measured it to go, purchase a second and build a bench top over the top. The cabinet fit where we intended, and before purchasing the second, we would purchase a fridge and reevaluate the space we had remaining to see if the second cabinet would fit. 

After purchasing a fridge, we decided we would visit Ikea to find a bench top that would fit in the space we had designated. It is here that we found an ideal set up for our kitchen space. It fit exactly into the allotted space, and came with a stainless steel bench top, sink, fridge stand and a fridge that fit into that space. It was perfect! We decided we would return everything we had bought and use this instead. We brought it home and built it and placed it in the van. It was at the point we realised it was too high, and that we would be cooking up around our chins. We felt as though we were going one step forward, and two steps back. 

We decided we would take our jigsaw, cut the legs off and build a stabilising pole along the ground to make sure we were not changing the integrity of the kitchen. We then secured it to the wall and the ground so that it would not move while we drove. We then placed our water pump where the faucet is intended to go, and placed our grey water tank under the sink. 

We had finished the first stage of our van build. Although it is not fully finished, in 3 weeks we were able to search, buy and build in a van that is liveable and ready to hit the road. When we started, we had no idea what we were doing! And now we have our future home. 

With three girls (Amelia, Toni and Gloria), lots of help from Home Depot Employees, generosity from some new friends, a few tears, a couple of cuts and lots of laughs, WE ARE HERE, ready to start our cross country trip around the United States of America in Maggie!